Hiring for wedding and reception

The Plessis Josso is available for hiring to organize events and celebrate weddings.
Hiring is possible from mid May to end od of October

The following spaces are available for hiring:

  • the inner courtyard of the manor can accommodate your guests for the cocktail and fully lit at night
  • the “Grange du Connétable”, to the left of the main body of the manor, which can accommodate up to 200 seated people (configuration with round tables) or 220 seated people (configuration of rectangular tables installed in “fish bones”)
  • the rooms on the ground floor of the manor to welcome your guests in case of rain. One of these rooms can be used as a rest area for babies during dinner.
  • the “pressoir”(former press room) that can be used by your caterer
  • the “Chauffoir” room (former “Heating room”) that can be used as a cloakroom, gift area, playroom for children, etc.
  • a large parking lot in the orchard, which can accommodate more than 250 cars
  • an enclosed space with lawn that can be used as a playground for children and young teenagers.

The manor is rented without furniture: you remain free to take the caterer of your choice; you can also hire the furniture rental company you prefer for tables and chairs for dinner, cocktail tables, any parasols, etc. You can decorate the “Grange du Connétable” as you wish.

A brunch can be organized the day after the reception.

If you wish, we will send you a list of service providers who know the place and whom you can contact directly.

The courtyard

The “Grange du Connétable” of approximately 230 m2 that can accommodate up to 200 people seated (round tables) or 220 people seated (rectangular tables installed in “fish bones”)

Hiring for shooting


The Plessis Josso can be hired for cinema shooting or videos recording.
Great interior and exterior possibilities are offered:

– 14th century kitchen, with its authentic fireplace,
– 15th century hall, with its authentic fireplace and the seigniorial throne,
– Pageantry bedroom of the 17th century, entirely panelled, with an alcove.

– Manor honor courtyard,
– High Court,
– Ramparts and towers,
– Closed space of 3 hectares, available for jousts/tournaments/horse shows,
– Pond / forest / mill / attic …

Film already shooted in the manor:
Chouans ! (film by Philippe de Broca, released in 1988).
Le réquisitionnaire, from Balzac’s book.

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